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Our Process

Every step done completely by hand

Every product starts as an idea. Those ideas get sketched and turned into templates. We then trace the templates onto leather with a scratch awl. We cut the leather out, being careful to use as much of the hide as possible. Next we stamp our logo and the customers initials if they were requested, and then assemble the pieces. Then comes stitching, and after that, we sand down the edges until they're smooth. Finally we seal the edges by burnishing them with a canvas cloth. It's a time consuming  process with a lot of steps, but the result is a long-lasting and beautiful product.

100% Hand-Stitched

These products won't fall apart

All of our products are stitched by hand using the saddle-stitch method. This involves using two needles and is stronger than a machine stitch. Sewing machines use a lockstitch where if one side breaks, the whole line will unravel, whereas a saddle-stitch will still hold on the other side even if one stitch breaks. This ensures that our products will last a lifetime.

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