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Only Full Grain Vegetable-Tanned Leather

High quality materials make a high quality product

There are different tiers of leather. The lowest of the low is bonded leather, which is basically like particle board but leather. Then you have "genuine leather" or split leather. This is the lower layer of the hide that is then finished to look like the top layer. After that comes top grain which is the top layer with a corrected grain. The best quality is full grain, meaning the skin has the entire surface intact, which gives more character and strength. 

Leather is typically tanned one of two ways. It's either tanned with vegetable tannins from the bark of trees, known as vegetable-tanned, or using chromium salts, called chrome-tanned. Vegetable-tanning makes the leather more durable, allows it to develop a wonderful patina, and is also the reason for the great smell. It's also all natural and biodegradable.

We only use full grain leather that has been vegetable-tanned in our products. It's more expensive, but we won't settle for less.

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